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The House of Ptolemy:
The Ptolemaic Empire Outside of Egypt

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The Ptolemaic Empire Outside of Egypt

General Works

The following inscription items are from the Oxford University Centre for the Study of Ancient Documents: Image Bank of Inscriptions. The Centre is undertaking a long-term project to create a library of digitized images of Greek inscriptions, based in the first instance on material in its squeeze collection. Images of several hundred inscriptions are now available for viewing and downloading at resolutions of 72 dpi and 150 dpi. The images are listed according to geographical region - except for Attic inscriptions, which have been further divided between IG I and IG II texts. Relevant images for Egypt, Cyprus and the Near East and the Aegean Islands are included below.

The Aegean: [ Crete ] [ Chios ] [ Kos ]

Cyprus Libya/Cyrenaica Phoenicia & Palestine Asia Minor

Bibliographic Notes:
The Ptolemaic Empire Outside of Egypt

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