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Unique Coins In The Collection Of Frankfurt Am Main
[(c) Adam D Philippidis 1995]
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Unique Coins In My Collection
[(c) Adam D Philippidis 1997]
Ancient Greek bronze coin, possibly from Marathos, Phoenicia

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From: "Adam D. Philippidis" 

(c) Adam D Philippidis 1995

In my opinion, one of the factors that makes a reference book
worth having is the listing of coins that cannot be seen
elsewhere -- those coins unique to a particular published
collection. Although not considered an 'essential' reference
Historisches Museum Frankurt am Main" lists 1400 Roman-Egyptian
coins and tokens in the collection of the museum at Frankfurt am
Main in Germany. This collection can boast a total of 33
otherwise unpublished coins, not counting minor variants of coin
types published elsewhere. Three of the 33 are lead 'tokens' and
30 represent various coin denominations. As part of my
researching it became convenient for me to list these, and since
it might interest others I share the list below. Any comments or
corrections would be appreciated.

#  45 TIBERIUS           Bi Tetradrachma(13.44g)  year 23
                    Tiberius left/Augustus right
# 198 VESPASIAN          AE Obol (3.13g)          year  2   
                    Canopus of Isis
# 229 DOMITIANUS         AE Hemidrachma(13.53g)   year 11
                    Hermanoubis right
# 273 TRAJAN             AE Drachma (22.28g)      year 14
# 337 TRAJAN             AE Drachma (22.44g)      year unreadable
                    Seated Serapis facing Isis and Hermes
# 357 HADRIAN            Bi Tetredrachma 12.86g)  year  5
                    Alexandria bust wearing elephant cap
# 382 HADRIAN            AE 'Chalkus' (1.19g)     year  8
                    Tropaion with spear and sheild
# 388 HADRIAN            AE Chalkus (0.09g)       year  9 (L EN)
                    Two wheat stalks
# 405 HADRIAN            AE Hemidrachma(12.23g)   year 10
                    Pharos (LDEAKATOY *sic* over L EN ?)
# 458 HADRIAN            AE Drachma (21.00g)      year 16
                    Ruler in quadriga moving to right
# 634 ANTONINUS PIUS     AE Drachma (26.18g)      year 12
                    Isis Pharia striding holding sail
# 668 ANTONINUS PIUS     AE Drachma (23.11g)      year 20
                    Ruler in quadriga moving to left   
# 677 ANTONINUS PIUS     AE Drachma (17.47gram)   year 24
                    Euthenia reclining holds wheat stalks
# 692 FAUSTINA JUNIOR    Bi Tetredrachma (12.12g) year 12
                    Nilus with cornucopia, crocodile & '16'
# 702 MARKUS AURELIUS    AE Drachma (23.94g)      year  6
                    Ruler crowned by (?)Alexandria
# 707 MARKUS AURELIUS    AE Drachma (18.42g)      year 9(LENATOY)
                    Isis suckling Horus within temple
# 714 LUCIUS VERUS       AE Drachma (26.55g)      year  4
                    Eros holds torch and galloping horse
# 716 LUCIUS VERUS       AE Drachma (16.41g)      year  7
                    Nilus reclining holding cornucopia
# 718 LUCIUS VERUS       AE Drachma (22.87g)      year unreadable
                    Tyche-Euthenia to right with Nilus genius
# 741 COMMODUS           Bi Tetradrachma (11.39g) year 24
                    Emperor and Pronoia before two soldiers
# 744 COMMODUS           Bi Tetradrachma (11.77g) year 25
                    Ruler facing left crowned by Alexandria
# 989 PHILIPPUS ARABS    AE Drachma (26.56g)      year  5
                    Ammon head to right
#1022 TREBONIANUS GALLUS Bi Tetradrachma (11.18g) year  3
                    Serapis facing right stands with scepter
#1345 HADRIAN/ATHRIBITES AE Drachma (21.48g)      year 13
                    Woman holding horse and scepter
#1352 HADRIAN/HYPSELITES AE Drachma (20.07g)      year 12
                    Isis stands holding lioness and sistrum
#1360 TRAJAN/MEMPHITES   AE Drachma (22.93g)      year 12
                    Isis holds scepter in front of Apis bull
#1363 TRAJAN/MENDESIUS   AE Drachma (26.25g)      year 13
                    Mendes facing right wearing Atef crown
#1367 TRAJAN/SAITES      AE Drachma (26.66g)      year 12
                    Harpokrates with crocodile tail holds cornuc.
#1381 HADRIAN/SEBENc SUP AE Drachma (18.86g)      year  5
                    Ares facing left holding spear with antelope
#1389 Anonymous(no ruler)AE Chalkus (1.00g)       undated
                    Star of eight rays/star of eight rays
#1391 Posidon/Nike       PL Token (16mm, 1.6g)    year  5
#1392 Nike/Agathodemon   PL Token (18mm, 3.24g)   year  5
#1395 Nike/Canopus       PL Token (16mm, 1.97g)   undated


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