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Egypt After the Ptolemies
Egypt Under Roman Rule -- Culture

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Greco-Roman Egypt and its Culture

The Literate in Greco-Roman Times: [ Papyri ] [ Literature ]

Papyri and Papyrology

Literature and Writings

Art and Architechture in Greco-Roman Times: [ Art ] and [ Architecture ]


Sciences and Mathematics in Greco-Roman Egypt

Snapshots of Daily Life in Greco-Roman Times

Bibliographic Notes:
Greco-Roman Egypt and its Culture


Articles and Guides to the Coins of Greco-Roman Egypt
(Roman Imperial Coinage of Alexandria)

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  • --- Graeco-Roman Papyrus Documents from Egypt
    A wealth of papyrus documents from the Graeco-Roman era have come to light on the daily lives of ancient people in Egypt, including their love letters and marriage contracts, tax and bank accounts, commodity lists, birth records, divorce cases, temple offerings, and most other conceivable types of memoranda, whether personal, financial, or religious." Courtesy of the Athena Review Vol.2, no.2.
  • --- Greco-Roman Mosaics: Carpets of Stone -- The Graeco-Roman Legacy in the Levant
    Greco-Roman Mosaics: From "CLASSICS IRELAND" (1997, Volume 4) University College Dublin, Ireland. Article title: "Carpets of Stone -- The Graeco-Roman Legacy in the Levant"
    BY: Claudine Dauphin (Centre National de la Recherche Scientifique, Paris, France).
  • ---- Ancient History Bulletin (ISSN 0835-3638)
    Ancient History Bulletin / Revue d'histoire ancienne / Zeitschrift für Alte Geschichte / Rivista di storia antica / Revista de historia antigua
  • --- http://www.perseus.tufts.edu/~ellen/alexandria/medicine.html
  • --- http://odyssey.lib.duke.edu/papyrus/texts/archives.html
  • US Library of Congress: Alexandria Egypt - History
    See also:
    ** US Library of Congress: Egypt History Greco Roman Period 332 BCE - 640 CE

    ** Cleopatra
  • --- Medical Demography of Ancient Egypt
    This site's author currently undertaking a Ph.D researching the Medical Demography of Roman Egypt. This web site will eventually contain information about the research.

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