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29 Oct

New Item 01 Oct 2000

28 Sep

Cleopatra's Signature Discovered

By Rossella Lorenzi (28-Sep-2000, Discovery.com News): "Cleopatra's signature can be found in just one word: 'genestho,' which means 'Make it so!' It is the formula for the royal authorization, and had to be added by the ruler's own hand," said Peter Van Minnen, a Dutch Academy research fellow in religious sstudies at the University of Groningen." ...


14 Aug
Sema: The Tomb of Alexander the Great

The big news of the week, although ironically one wouldn't know it from the sparse coverage it received, is that a now-deceased scholar appears to have provided a reasonable theory about the location of the tomb of Alexander the Great . See

01 Jul
Promising Finds on Alexandrian Seabed

From the Kathemerini Newspaper web site (click here for full story )
Updated: 07/01/2000 8:59 GMT
Greek archaeologists conducting an underwater survey of the seabed off Alexandria have located the drowned remains of a large ancient building and three sunken harbor piers which will be further investigated in the autumn, it was announced yesterday in Athens.
According to Alexandrian scholar Haris Tzallas, the mission leader and a native of the erstwhile Greek metropolis, the four-week survey conducted in April and May yielded "very encouraging results which led us to the certainty that we stand before a very important archaeological site."
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26 Jun

11 Jun

03 Jun
Submerged Remains of Herakleion, Canopis, and Menouthis in Abukir Bay

EXPLORATOR notes 'big news', with the discovery by Goddio and his crew of what appears to be the submerged remains of the cities of Herakleion, Canopis, and Menouthis in Abukir Bay (most of the coverage comprises variations on AP and/or Reuters stories ... the Times of London coverage was a 'web special' and has photos etc.; BBC coverage is pretty good as well):


02 Apr
Several Miscellaneous News items

EXPLORATOR notes that Egypt Revealed has some nice articles ...


12 Jun

Biggest Mummy Burial Grounds Discovered in Western Egypt


28 Feb
Archaeology Magazine's March/April 1999 issue features plenty of info on ancient Alexandria:
  • DIVING ON A SUNKEN CITY (by Jean-Yves Empereur)
    Ancient Alexandria yields a wealth of pharaonic and Ptolemaic sculpture.
    Includes a map of Alexandria's Eastern Harbor shows the submerged Royal Quarters.
    (Gérard Schnepp, Courtesy IEASM)
  • 10 Feb
    New Book

    Cleopatra's Palace Bookcover

    Cleopatra's Palace: The Search for the Real Queen of the Nile

    by Laura Foreman, Franck Goddio

    List Price: $35.00 Amazon.com Price: $24.50 You Save: $10.50 (30%)
    Hardcover - 224 pages (March 1999) Random House; ISBN: 0679462600
    Now Available.
    Order this book from Amazon.com

    9 Nov
    Latest Alexandria Finds Book

    Alexandria Rediscovered
    by Jean-Yves Empereur, Margaret Maehler (Translator), Stephane Compoint (Photographer)
    Amazon.com Price: $42.00 You Save: $18.00 (30%) [List Price: $60.00] Hardcover - 256 pages (Nov 1998) George Braziller; ISBN: 0807614424. Now Available.
    Order this book from Amazon.com
    3 Nov
    New Alexandria Finds here ...
    25 Oct
    The Sunday Times of London reports that (among other things),
    Cleopatra's ship has been discovered in the harbour at Alexandria:
    See the report at http://www.sunday-times.co.uk/news/pages/sti/98/10/25/stifgnmid01004.html?2177977

    (Report courtesy of EXPLORATOR: see http://web.idirect.com/~atrium). EXPLORATOR is an irregular newletter (posted every two-three days) representing the fruits of the labours of 'media research division' of The Atrium. Various on-line news and magazine sources are scoured on a daily basis for news of the ancient world. See Commentarium (for news articles) at http://web.idirect.com/~atrium/commentarium.html and The Rostra (for audio files) at http://web.idirect.com/~atrium/rostra.html

    28 May
    Press Release --- Alexandria, Egypt --- 28th May 1998

    From: The Hellenic Institute for the Preservation of Nautical Tradition (HIPNT) and the Hellenic Institute of Ancient and Medieval Alexandrian Studies (HIAMAS)

    The initial stage of the first joint survey of the Greek-Egyptian project of underwater archaeology began in Alexandria on May 5th and was completed today, May 28th 1998.

    A total of 19 Greek and Egyptian scientists and divers specialised in various disciplines worked in close co-operation aiming to achieve a better understanding of the topography of the ancient Alexandria coast-line from Chatby to Sidi Gaber, a sea area known in antiquity as "The Sea of Eleusis".

    An important number of remains, mainly rock-carved features in the shallows, were surveyed, measured and drawn, with the intention of producing a detailed survey plan of all the sunken littoral and interpreting activities in the area in ancient times.

    Spot searches of deeper areas, 100 - 1100 m. from the shore were also carried out. In some instances concentrations of ancient pottery shards as well as twelve pierced stone-weights - possibly small anchors - were located. The finds were carefully recorded by drawing and photography, and their positions meticulously reported on the general grid of the area of the survey, with the use of a Total Station and other electronic devices.

    The data collected from both the coastal and deep-water survey will be carefully studied and interpreted in relation to the historical background of the region. A preliminary report, followed by a scientific publication, will be made available to scientists in the field in the course of the next 12 months.

    The continuation of the survey and future underwater excavations will be considered jointly by members of the two Greek Institutes co-operating in the project, with the approval of the Egyptian Department of Underwater Antiquities.

    The organisation of the project is co-ordinated by the Director of the Egyptian Department of Underwater Antiquities, Dr. Ibrahim Darwish, archaeologist, and Harry Tzalas, historian-researcher of Alexandrian topography, President of the two co-operating institutes.

    Dr. Nicholas Lianos, architect for the Greek Ministry of Culture, Dept. of Underwater Antiquities, is the Director of the research programme. The Greek team of archaeologists include: Chrissa Samios, Christos Agourides and Catherine Delaporte, of the Greek Ministry of Culture.

    Their Egyptian counterparts are: Mohamed Mostafa, Taimour Ismail, Sameh Ramses.

    The Greek team is comprised of:
    Constantinos Kontos, architect and diver, Alexis Zoidis, Chief Diver, and Elias Papaioannou, diver, and Philippos Christodoulopoulos, diver, Panaghiota Papadopoulou, archaeologist. Tim Kamarianakis, a post-graduate student of Maritime Archaeology at Southampton Universtity also took an active part in some phases of the project.

    The Technological Educational Institute (T.E.I.) of Athens - Department of Conservation, have included this project in their applied activities for Restoration. Two students of T.E.I.., D. Damianos and Ch. Melissinou, followed the progress of the work under the supervision of theirs professors E. Nombilakis and N. Lianos.

    For additional information:
    Alexandria: Dr. Ibrahim Darwish, Graeco-Roman Museum Tel: + 203 4825820
    Athens: The Secretariat of the Hellenic Institute of Medieval and Ancient Alexandrian Studies, Tel : + 3 01 9514291

    The organisers take this opportunity to gratefully acknowledge the sponsorship of the Hellenic Community of Alexandria, its President, Mr. Stefanos P. Tamvakis and its Executive Board, who provided accommodation and working facilities for the Greek members of the team.

    We would also like to acknowledge the sponsorship of Mr. Andreas Potamianos, who provided air tickets for the Greek team, as well as Mr. George Vernicos, who made possible the equipment transportation from Greece to Egypt.


    Issued by the Hellenic Community of Alexandria (EKA) http://www.greece.org/alexandria and SAE Asia-Africa http://africa-asia.sae.gr in cooperation with the Hellenic Institute for the Preservation of Nautical Tradition and the Hellenic Institute of Ancient and Medieval Alexandrian Studies.

    08 May
    Press Release --- Alexandria, Egypt --- 6 May 1998

    The Hellenic Institute for the Preservation of Nautical Tradition (HIPNT) and the Hellenic Institute of Ancient and Medieval Alexandrian Studies (HIAMAS), in co-operation with the Egyptian Department of Antiquities, are proud to announce that an underwater archaeological survey of the port of Alexandria will take place from 5-29 May 1998.

    This is the first ever underwater archaeological investigation to be carried out by Greek scientists outside Greek waters and it is particularly significant that this should take place in Alexandria, a city deeply marked by Greek civilisation since Hellenistic times.

    The expedition was made possible thanks to the sponsorship of the Hellenic Community of Alexandria, Potamianos S.A. and Vernikos S.A.

    The members of the expedition are:
    Dr. Nikolaos Lianos, Scientific Director, Diver,
    Harry Tzalas, President of HIAMAS and HIPNT, Project Organiser,
    Katerina Delaporta, Archaeologist, specialist in Byzantine and Post-Byzantine Studies, Diver,
    Chrisa Samios, Archaeologist, specialist in Classical and Hellenistic Period, Diver,
    Christos Agourides, archaeologist, Specialist in Prehistoric Studies, Diver,
    Constantinos Kontos, Architect, Diver,
    Alexandros Zoides. Chief Diver, Underwater Photographer,
    Elias Papaioannou, Professional Diver,
    Philippos Christodoulopoulos, Professional Diver.


    Issued by the Hellenic Community of Alexandria (EKA) http://www.greece.org/alexandria and SAE Asia-Africa http://africa-asia.sae.gr in cooperation with the Hellenic Institute for the Preservation of Nautical Tradition and the Hellenic Institute of Ancient and Medieval Alexandrian Studies.

    - NOW -
    Alexander of Issus
    A Call to Establish

    The Alexander the Great Centre of Post-Graduate Studies and Research
    Alexandria, Egypt

    Since time immemorial, Alexandria, Egypt, has known an Hellenic presence - a presence which has had a profound effect upon the city, its life, its society, its history - an effect which can still be seen and felt today. The Hellenic Community of Alexandria (EKA) believes that this Hellenic presence should be preserved and that the cultural ties between Egypt and the Hellenes should be strengthened. To this end we have proposed that a School of Archaeological and Classical Studies bearing the name "Alexander the Great" be founded in Alexandria. For more information on the current status of this project or our other projects please visit our Hellenic Alexandria link -- a project in cooperation of HEC and EKA - The Hellenic Community of Alexandria


    Just Published:

    The Kellis Agricultural Account book (P.Kell. IV Gr. 96),
    by Roger S. Bagnall with contributions from C A Hope, R G Jenkins, A J Mills, John L Sharpe III, Ursula Thanheiser, and Guy Wagner
    Dakhleh Oasis Project: Monograph 7
    Oxbow Monograph 92

    Oxford: Oxbow Books, 1997 Pp. xii + 253, 20 plates.

    This is the companion to the Kellis Isocrates Codex, published earlier this month.

    Communication from Roger Bagnall (bagnall@columbia.edu), Wed, 31 Dec 97 14:59:29 +0100
    (Text from PAPY-L at URL http://www.urz.uni-heidelberg.de/subject/hd/fak8/papy/logs/log.started970625/0087.html).
    18 Nov 1997

    Treasures of the Sunken City
    Treasures of the Sunken City

      NOVA, PBS’ premier science series, launches its 24th season (fall 1997) with 10 hours of new documentaries that highlight a revolution in treating severe head injuries, a non-stop journey around the world in a balloon, a trip to the sunken city of Alexandria [ -- see description below -- ], an examination of avalanche control and much more. NOVA continues on PBS Tuesdays, beginning 2 Sep, and Wednesday 12 Nov 1997, 8pm ET.

    Treasures of the Sunken City (first aired 18 Nov 1997)
    Only a few bare traces remain of Alexandria, Egypt, the city that for centuries was the jewel of the Mediterranean and home of Cleopatra and Marc Anthony. Earthquakes turned the city to rubble; and, along with the Lighthouse of Alexandria — the tallest building of antiquity and one of the seven wonders of the ancient world — much of it sank into the sea. NOVA dives with the first expedition to thoroughly survey this watery graveyard of archaeological treasures, including a giant sphinx from 30 BC. The expedition is led by marine archaeologist Jean-Yves Empereur of the National Center for Scientific Research in Alexandria. Amazing underwater photography, combined with new techniques in computer graphics, reveal the ancient wonders of this lost city.

    See the companion Book:

    • --- Book: Alexandria The Sunken City
      by William La Riche, Stephane Compoint (Photographer)
      Weidenfeld & Nicolson Ltd; ISBN: 0297821806; Dimensions (in inches): 0.72 x 12.32 x 10.60
      This site provides information for ordering this book. The book Alexandria The Sunken City recounts the day by day story of this fabulous adventure, and is illustrated with the magnificant photographs of Stephane Compoint, the Sygma agency photographer who participated in the excavations. The book author William La Riche is winner of the Fullbright scholarship, and gained his degree in architecture at Princeton University. He then taught and lectured on art and architecture, while pursuing his career as writer, essayist and poet.

      Order This book from Amazon.com (It's much cheaper than direct from the publisher!)

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